Wonderful Nature

In a world where he has no natural predators, a common chameleon,a really intriguing animal, hunting different prey on a branch, but he has not really a sense of the logic. He tries to eat preys bigger and bigger... The original title of the video is "Wonderful Nature: the common chameleon" this is a fun […]

Asleep An Elephant

At the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, an elephant falls asleep when he listens to a woman singing a lullaby. Although Faamai is a big elephant, whenever she hears the lullaby Lek Chailert, she has no choice, she falls asleep. The Elephant Nature Park is a haven for elephants founded in 1996 by Lek Chailert. […]

A Snake Plays Dead

A Hognose (or H. platirhinos) plays dead when she touched. The snake turns himself on his back and pretended to be dead, mouth open by pulling the tongue. This is really impressive, he plays the dead better than Marion Cotillard ! Yes all of you have seen the Batman : "Dark Night Rises" and this […]

Lion VS Buffalo

In the Mala Mala reserve located in South Africa, two lions of a group and two lionesses of another group joined their forces to attack an African buffalo. The 4 lions prowled around a herd before going on the offensive. The four felines were able to isolate a buffalo and then they fought for several […]

Rhinos baby

Three rhino orphaned babies start crying, uttering little cries when they no longer have milk to drink at the shelter "Care for Wild Africa" in South Africa. Since their mother was killed before their eyes by poachers in green region of the Bushveld, these small rhinoceros are supported by an association. This refuge is the […]

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