Golfer Kills seagull

This guy is not really lucky... I do not think he was his first idea to kill this poor seagull ! But this video is interesting because this probability even if she was calculated by Stephen Hawking himself, she will be probably one chance on 1000000000000000000 ! 🙂

Stygiomedusa Gigantea dance

No need to go far to find the creatures of science fiction films. You go in to more than 1,000 meters deep in the Gulf of Mexico. No light, and strange creatures. A remotely controlled robot has been capturing these images. This is a Stygiomedusa gigantea, a giant jellyfish, one of the largest predators of […]

Chill symbiosis

This is a world notorious, the cats are very lazy ! But in this video you will see how this cat meets his futur pal of chill. And he is a snail ! This is so cute ! it's a perfect symbiosis 🙂

Experiment with animals and Mirrors

A couple of French, Anne-Marie and Anne-Marie installed 6 big mirrors in many different places in a Gabonese wood in the National Park of Pongara and the Presidential Reserve of Wonga-Wongué. Cameras were hidden in front of the mirrors to film the aninal reactions. The result is very nice. Each race has a different reaction.

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