A wolf is too lazy to get up to screaming and he stays lying on the ground. Alawa is a wolf in captivity at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY, he was dubbed the lazy howler because he likes to yell lying. The Wolf Conservation Center is an association which works to the […]


BB and April took advantage of the brief absence of their masters to eat every Pedigree Dentastix treats that were in their bag. On his return, the master shows them the empty bag. Gnawed by the shame, the two dogs come back in their cart and adopt a position sitting back to back, turning his […]

Don't Abandon Your Dog !

The French Foundation 30 Million d'amis released a clip against the abandonment of animals on the theme: "He will never leave you." We can see a dog support his master after a crash on the road. Each year, nearly 100,000 animals are abandoned which 60,000 only during the summer period in France. On the eve […]

Donkeys Cry Their Brother

On the morning of Saturday, February 27, 2016, the team of refuge for donkeys Stichting Ezelshoeve in Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands, has had to euthanize Bram, one of the farm residents, because of serious health problems in the lungs and his clog. While the poor animal lay on a tarp, other donkeys approached him in mourning for […]

Strange Giraffes

A dad films a family of cartoon of giraffes drew with chalk by his daughter on a stair at the entrance of a house. We quickly noticed that the giraffes look like more to penis than the animals of the savannah. Yes this little girl doesn't know yet what she drew and this is why […]

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