Apple AirPods fake ad :)

In his television show "Conan" broadcast on the American channel TBS, Conan O'Brien made ​​fun of new AirPods with a fake ad. You can see an animation with silhouettes dancing while listening to music with the famous AirPods in the ears, but the headphones never stand still and eventually fall to the ground. However, AirPods […]

Great ad for transplant donation !

US actor Thomas Jane plays the role of Sweeney Coleman in this short film called "The World's Biggest Asshole". Coleman Sweeney is a man known in his city to be a big asshole. It gives cigarettes to children, steals the clothes of others, is mean to animals, children and people with disabilities, etc. But even […]

Don't Abandon Your Dog !

The French Foundation 30 Million d'amis released a clip against the abandonment of animals on the theme: "He will never leave you." We can see a dog support his master after a crash on the road. Each year, nearly 100,000 animals are abandoned which 60,000 only during the summer period in France. On the eve […]

Cats In A Supermarket

Cats, inspired by the meme of internet, do their shopping in a supermarket. A fun advertising of the brand of hard discount Netto. And yes this is really cute, if one day I have a big international company, I will always do Ads with cute cats or kittens. The human loves these animals, and I […]

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