Ostrich vs virtual reality

In the African savannah, an ostrich approached a House to steal food on a table. But she is putting on his head inadvertently a virtual reality mask. She discovered in the Samsung Gear RV mask a flight simulation and see wings. The slogan #DoWhatYouCant do what you can't do.

Bad surprise for a dispenser of prospectus

During his tour, a prospectus distributor approached the front door of a House, but a nasty surprise awaits... SPOILER: at the time where the woman leaves an advertising flyer, the dog house arises from inside through the glass of the front door. Obviously, this dispenser wasn't welcome.

Shooting range

A man travels to a rifle in a shooting gallery, but it is obviously at the stage of apprentice shooter... An advertisement for food supplements of the German pharmaceutical company Doppelherz.

How to be hated by all the travelers on a bus?

How do you make everyone in the bus hate you? In this advertisement for Radioshak, a young man gets on a bus with his helmet on his ears. Not just any headphones, because it's Ncredible Flips, capable of turning into a loudspeaker for all travelers to enjoy music and party. An awkward publicity far from […]

Globe ad (Rogue One : A Star Wars Story)

Fan of Star Wars, a child is waiting impatiently for the release of the film "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and permanently wears a helmet of Stormtrooper, that it is at home, in the street and even in the school, The eyes of his comrades ... A moving publicity by the Globe telephone company […]

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