Sixt ad: Booger

In the last advertisement Sixt, a little girl cures her nose at the back of a car. She ends up with a turd at her fingertips, but she's very annoyed because she doesn't know what to do with it. The car is clean and requires respect. She does not dare to wipe herself in the […]

Super announcement for a Suzuki 96 #Buymyvitara

He makes a great announcement to sell his Suzuki 96. Eugene Romanovsky, a Latvian living in Israel, decided to separate his car, a mini SUV Suzuki Detara released in 1996. and to sell it, he put the package by making a video ad to make The Advertiser pale. In his announcement, he had fun making […]

Opposite people around a beer

People with opposing ideas tinker for a Heineken experience. The famous beer brand brought together in a room of people with completely different opinions and ideas. There is the Climatosceptique and the ecologist, the transgender and a transphobic, a feminist and the macho. These couples will learn to know each other for the duration of […]

A child on a bike is distracted by a pub

A child on his bike distracted by advertising on a van. April 23, 2017, in Stockholm in Sweden, Anders was walking with his nephew Dali when he saw a van of a strip club (private Club) parked along the sidewalk. He took out his phone to send video to a friend. But he wasn't the […]

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