Voiture VS moto : la moto l'emporte !

Ah, un bon road-rage comme on les aime, une voiture contre une moto. Normalement on sait qui gagne dans ce genre de situation mais là c'est l'inverse ! La moto s'esquive comme une pro alors que la bagnole explose (oui j'en rajoute un peu même si c'est vrai qu'il y a une explosion). La scène […]

A car hits a cyclist (Russia)

Last Saturday in Seversk, Russia, a motorist hit a cyclist wanting to leave a traffic lane. A strange accident since the car broke the bike man by cutting him off the road while the driver had a perfectly clear view. The cyclist being on the right lane, maybe the driver thought he was going to […]

Cyclist vs Car

During a bike race, one of the riders leaves the eye road for a few moments and hits a car parked on the edge of the roadway. How to move from the head in the handlebar to the head in the windshield!

A truck driver falls asleep

Last Saturday on a road near Voronezh, in Russia, a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and his heavyweight is deported dangerously on the left. By chance, all motorists who were driving in the opposite direction have managed to avoid the truck narrowly while it continued to cross the road before finishing in the […]

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