3D optical illusions

A compilation of 3D optical illusions created by the Japanese Professor Kokichi Sugihara. In a very spectacular way, each sculpture wrong our brain so we can see the impossible. Professor Kokichi Sugihara has won the "The best illusion of the year" contest in 2010 and the 2nd place in 2016.

3D hologram on Star Wars LP

If you purchased double LP vinyl disc of the soundtrack of Star Wars 7, you will be surprised to see appear 3D holograms. On Disc 1, you will see a 3D hologram of a TIE Fighter and on disc 2 the Millennium Falcon. The holograms were made by Tristan Duke of Infinity Light Science Society. […]

Dance In Motion Capture

The New York studio Design Method has achieved an impressive dancing motion capture sprinkled with 3D effects. The animation was created on the occasion of the AICP awards, a ceremony which rewards creativity in commercial productions. The Design Method goal was to showcase the sponsors IACP through various dances. The animation is achieved through motion […]

How A Vending Machine Work ?

A report by the Science TV channel (Discovery Science) explains how the vending machines work for detect fake coins. Using a 3D animation, we learn that a light beam detects the size of the coin, then an electromagnets detects the type of metal. From these data, the machine recognizes the type of the room. She […]


The holoportation is a new technology of "Microsoft Development" for a virtual teleportation of a person in 3D. Through this technology which combines HoloLens, you feel the person physically in the same room as you then that he will be several thousand kilometers. How it works ?The holoportation creates a 3D model of the person […]

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