Friday, September 2, 2016 in an amphitheater of Ohio State University, in the US, a student named Vinny Forte scored a magnificent throw paper ball. From the mezzanine of the amphitheater, Vinny has launched a ball of paper that crossed the room before landing in the bin located on the other side of the room. An impressive performance achieved under the eyes of the teacher. And for good reason: as part of his course on the acid-base reaction, the organic chemistry teacher used to illustrate proton transfer with a ball of paper. After his demonstration, it offers each year to a student trying to run the famous ball of paper in the trash. If the student passes the "basket", the teacher gives full marks (100/100) for all the amphitheater for the examination which must cover this part of the course. Suffice to say that Vinny has become a real hero!