Mag Gyver intro musicless

For older, do you remember this generic that marked entire generations ? Well without music is more fun! Youtube channel of Mario Wienerroither redid all the sound effects on this introcution. This specialist in this kind of remix will always amaze us, like his remix of SIA the artist.

A hippo charges a boat

The passengers on a small boat during a safari was peaceful in the Zimbabwe. They were sailing on the Kariba lake when suddenly, they have looked a hippo under the water approaching their boat. The man who is holding the bar starts to accelerate for avoir the hippo but he is fast. Fortunately nobody has […]

First hoverboard ride by Tony Hawk

No, this is not a dream, you have to see this video ! The Hendo company invented the first hoverboard and it works ! They're still at the beginning of the project, but you can help on the platform kickstarter. When we see how Tony Hawk have fun, we would like to be in his […]

Gangsta kid attacked by a cat

This is so much fun ! That little french kid gangsta tries to rap in front of his computer, his cat is tired of hearing and attacks the little fella 🙂 The gangsta fled quickly, I think he's not yet ready for the "thug life" .

Crazy FPS Russia

This youtube channel was made by two crazy russian guys who loved gun. Unfortunately, the director Keith Ratliff was killed by a bullet in the head, in january 2013. This compilation is a tribute to FPS russia made by a Fan, Kyle Myers continues videos with even larger weapons.

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