First hoverboard ride by Tony Hawk

No, this is not a dream, you have to see this video ! The Hendo company invented the first hoverboard and it works ! They're still at the beginning of the project, but you can help on the platform kickstarter. When we see how Tony Hawk have fun, we would like to be in his […]

Gangsta kid attacked by a cat

This is so much fun ! That little french kid gangsta tries to rap in front of his computer, his cat is tired of hearing and attacks the little fella 🙂 The gangsta fled quickly, I think he's not yet ready for the "thug life" .

Crazy FPS Russia

This youtube channel was made by two crazy russian guys who loved gun. Unfortunately, the director Keith Ratliff was killed by a bullet in the head, in january 2013. This compilation is a tribute to FPS russia made by a Fan, Kyle Myers continues videos with even larger weapons.

Thug life compilation

Here is a new thuglife compilation. Maybe they look dumb but for real they're GANGSTAZZZ ! Girls are worst than guys don't you think ?

Policeman vs cat

November 17, 2009 in Texas, a patrol car with a dashcam fixed on it, has filmed a funny moment. While the officer is giving a ticket, a kitty cat approaches and jumps on policeman. The cat is claiming cuddles. The officer tries to push the cat, he falls but the cat climbs again, this one […]

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