Fireworks under water and frozen lake

Some guy in Sweden wanted to know what's going to happen if a firework is launched under water. You'll say that's pretty common but in this video the firework is launched under a frozen lake. The result is pretty cool 🙂 Too bad it wasn't a bigger one... Maybe he could get some fishes in […]

One of those days 2 - Candide thovex

This is the second edition of the serie "One of those days" by Candide thovex. If you missed the first one, here is the link : One of those days by Candide Thovex Candide Thovex is the greatest freerider in the world, if your're not sure about it, just watch this vid ! The shooting […]

Millions, billions, trillions

Carl Sagan was an American scientist and astronomer, he wrote and narrated the television series "Cosmos" (thirteen episodes seen by 10 million viewers) in which he developed a cosmic calendar. In this compilation he repeats the words trillions billions and a millions countless times look for yourself, it's hypnotizing.

Mag Gyver intro musicless

For older, do you remember this generic that marked entire generations ? Well without music is more fun! Youtube channel of Mario Wienerroither redid all the sound effects on this introcution. This specialist in this kind of remix will always amaze us, like his remix of SIA the artist.

A hippo charges a boat

The passengers on a small boat during a safari was peaceful in the Zimbabwe. They were sailing on the Kariba lake when suddenly, they have looked a hippo under the water approaching their boat. The man who is holding the bar starts to accelerate for avoir the hippo but he is fast. Fortunately nobody has […]

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