Just for Laughs - Thug Life

The program Just for laughs shows actors that trap victims. But for once a victim will react in a funny way to the end. A beautiful woman on a terrace offers a drink to a man, this man seems happy but she changes her mind seeing another one man coming in... I let you discover […]

A dog tries to reclaim his bed

Pixel is a French bulldog, 10 weeks old and it is not happy because a cat is in its dog basket. Pixel tries to get back its place but the cat doesn’t move. Despite its many attempts, the cat does not care about him, the cat even allowed himself to lie down. An authentic troll […]

Horses diving into a pool

This video has been filmed with a 8mm film in 1960. Several horses climb a diving board at 65 feet and jump in a pool. “Diving horse” was invented in the 19th century by William “Doc” Carver after blowing his horse half of a collapsed bridge. Note the original film was silent, the sound effects […]

Change a light bulb at 1509 feets

Kevin Schmidt is a technician, his specialty is to climb very high to make interventions. In this video (shooted by a drone), Kevin Schmidt climbs on a TV towers at 1509 feets to change a light bulb. This Antenna is near Salem (South Dokota) in the USA. It should be noted that this antenna is […]

Quake on an oscilloscope

In 1958 “Tennis for two” was the first game reproduced on an oscilloscope created by William Higinbotham an American physicist. Later in 2014 a Finnish, Pekka Väänänen, has done well to adapt Quake the famous FPS game. The oscilloscope is a Huawei V-422 which is connected with a laptop. More explanations: http://www.lofibucket.com/articles/oscilloscope_quake.html

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