Scooter drift fail

A driver (if we can talk like that 🙂 ) has fun to drive an old scooter with tow. He tries to make some drifts but finally the driver falls in a hole near the road. The driver is not injured but it's very funny !

WTF sunday #2

Like we said before, we LOVE Russia ! What do you think of Romania ? Personally , I think they have a big potential for our website WTF Sunday 😉

Gangsta Noob

In this vidéo a gangsta newbie want to show, how much he's an OG... He takes the assault rifle from his father an AK-47, loads and start screaming it's not kidding anymore ! Guess what happen next...

Old tv ad for FPS

BLOOD, HARDCORE, 90'S ! The Kickstarter trailer for STRAFE by Pixel Titans, really well done ! Adolescent begins to play, the simulation is impressive, his younger brother wants to play but he don't want. He is suddenly ejected from his seat, and his brother continues the game until the moment ... HEAD EXPLOSION PANIC ! […]


Funny song, made with talent ! It's a cover of AC / DC the thunder truck song made by country fans, they make several covers as "Holy driver" or "The trooper". The group is called "Steve'n'Seagulls" in reference to the great Steven Seagal, it does not take itself seriously, and it feels good.

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