Martin Weill, a journalist of the "Quotidien" a french TV show, went to the airport in Los Angeles, California, to go to meet some favorable to the "Muslim Ban" American demonstrators, a decree anti-immigration signed by Chairman Donald Trump prohibiting, for a period of 90 days, the entry to nationals of 7 countries with a Muslim majority, either the Iraq, Iran, the Yemen the Libya, the Syria, Sudan and Somalia. The microphone of the journalist, an activist explains why it manifested: "seven terrorist countries deadliest, left back legally." There should not even be illegal here. Other countries say, "Come on, come and violate loot us, kill us". We, we don't want that they're raping us, they plunder us and they kill us, and they steal our jobs". Martin Weill he says while there has never been terrorist attack in the United States committed by a citizen of one of the seven countries of the Muslim Ban. The protester added: "and on September 11, then? You making fun of me? It happens all the time". What the journalist responds: "the Afghanistan does not part of banned countries. Speechless, activist puts an end to the interview by stating "it's all terrorists."