He interrupts a Street between two teens fight and forces them to reconcile. Monday, 20 March 2017, a street in Atlantic City, a man is witness to a street fight. But instead of watching teenagers banging on it, man has decided to intervene by separating them. He then lectured them and pointed the finger people around who took advantage of the situation to film, laugh and have fun. «That film, you cowards [...]» Look, they're laughing... He has a great smile. You're soon men, act as such"the man refused to leave until the two teenagers were not reconciled in shaking hands. After the buzz on social networks with over 30 million views, the city of Atlantic City has honored Ibn Ali Miller at a ceremony of thanks. The very moved 26 year old man said tearfully this situation it grieved a lot considering what he did something amazing, because this should be the standard.