A man is expelled from a Delta Airlines plane for speaking Arabic on the phone. The scene took place at Heathrow Airport in London before takeoff. The man in question is Adam Saleh, an American youtube. Several passengers complained to the flight attendants because he spoke Arabic. The crew decided to escort him out of the plane. The man filmed his deportation and posted the video on Twitter. Several times, we can hear it say face camera "I spoke a different language then I turn, we are in 2016", "Delta Airlines we vire, because we speak a different language". At 0:23, we can see several people make him goodbye with the hand and say "Bye". On seeing this, the youtubor continues to speak and says "I do not believe my eyes, you are racists. I just spoke a word in Arabic and you feel uncomfortable? ". Once on the ground, Adam Saleh was questioned by the police who did not respond. He was finally able to reach New York by taking another flight. MAJ: Several members have remarked that Adam Saleh is a youtube specializing in pranks and staging. It's possible that this is a prank that has gone wrong. Update 2: Delta issued a statement: "At the landing, the crew was interviewed and several passenger testimonials were collected. According to information gathered to date, it appears that clients who were evicted from DL1 from LHR to JFK sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting. This type of driving is not welcome on a Delta flight. "