Two children stuck in a hotel elevator, tourists react excessively. The scene happened on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 in the hotel Royalon of Sainte - Lucie, an island in the Caribbean. Two 18 and 6 year old kids are stuck in an elevator. The hotel called the maintenance, but the tourists find that they take too much time. They take things in hand. A woman, the person filming, ordered everyone to set off the alarms. She is joined by other tourists who do not hesitate to insult the staff of the hotel for his lack of responsiveness. Eventually, they'll decide to force open the elevator door helped by the big boy of 18 years on the inside "I just break the damn door!" said. The door finally gave in and two people were able to get out unharmed. The very angry young man threatened to kill employee ' is a fucking bullshit, I'll kill you, you understand?