Mag Gyver intro musicless

For older, do you remember this generic that marked entire generations ? Well without music is more fun! Youtube channel of Mario Wienerroither redid all the sound effects on this introcution. This specialist in this kind of remix will always amaze us, like his remix of SIA the artist.

Horses diving into a pool

This video has been filmed with a 8mm film in 1960. Several horses climb a diving board at 65 feet and jump in a pool. “Diving horse” was invented in the 19th century by William “Doc” Carver after blowing his horse half of a collapsed bridge. Note the original film was silent, the sound effects […]

Boil an Iphone 6 in Coca-Cola

A stupid man has decided to boil Coca-Cola in a pan and then when the Coca is boiling he adds his Iphone 6 inside. All this for an useless result. The author says that in his home the odor stayed for 2 hours. Do not try this at home !

Japanese game show compilation

Many videos sequences of the best or crazy japanese games. Despite their Zen culture and their sense of honor, when it is a game show the japanese forget their principles that make them famous. How you can see they have no limits.

How to cook tacos

A Swedish teaches us how to cook tacos with his personal tips. Indeed his way for cook in all his videos channel is very original while the final result is very concluding. If you do this at home care not to waste so much food 🙂 Enjoy your meal! His channel:

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