Russian game: Head in a bucket of beer

A Russian game with beer with fairly simple rules: the first one who can open his eyes and breathe has won. Two men clashed, they both donned their heads in a bucket whose bottom was replaced by a rubber membrane. Then the bucket is filled with beer. The two participants have their heads completely in […]

A technique to remove blackheads on the nose

In front of the camera, a man presses his nose to get the blackheads out. By squeezing his nose strong with his fingers, he can get everything out, covering his nose with white "pus" filaments. He had the pores well filled! The man says in the video that these are blackheads, but it could be […]

He goes to McDonald's by helicopter !!!

An Aussie goes to McDonald's by helicopter. Sunday, May 14, 2017 at Rouse Hill in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, a pilot traveled to a McDonald's helicopter. He landed on the grass next to the restaurant and went to get a burger. Here's one that took the slogan "Come as you are" at the foot […]

Students receive pepper gas voluntarily (Ohio)

A man sends pepper gas in the face of volunteer students. On May 12, 2017 in Barberton, Ohio, students in the criminal sciences agreed to be sprayed with the face of pepper gas. Some will soon regret the choice. Aligned standing against a wall, the students were sprinkled with pepper gas a few inches from […]

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