A grandmother listening to a song she wrote

In 2009 the United States, Lyndel Rhodes, a grandmother who is now 92, wrote the song "House on a Hill." His son, the musician and producer Buddy Cannon, decided to send the words to the American country singer Willie Nelson, there are only a few weeks. After several hours, the response was positive Willie Nelson […]

The acoustic treatment of a room

Fabio Leone musician Falzarano us to discover the acoustic treatment of a room in 4 steps for the realization of a music studio. By hitting a snare, he shows us the changing room acoustics to progressively step. Each step differs by the presence of more and more of acoustic panels until the desired acoustics.

Playing Pong on a climbing wall

Developed by a team of researchers from Aalto University in Espoo, Finland, augmented reality system "Augmented Climbing" lets you play the famous video game Pong on a climbing wall. Both players stand on either side of the wall and use their hands or their feet to return the ball whose trajectory is traced using a […]

When you got English on holidays...

I cut this shit cause this was f*cking too long but now this video is crazy ! English tourists are rushing to have the best place in the pool of the hotel Medplaya Hotel Flamingo Oasis in Benidorm, Spain. When the time came, tourists rush on sunbeds or quickly lay their towels to be placed […]

Television in a sliding door

Frank Gombault installed his TV in a sliding door with a convenient opening with a thickness of 7 cm. The flat screen is supported by an articulated arm fixed to the sliding door. Thus, Franck won the place and can watch television in two different rooms by simply rotated from one room to another.

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