La preuve ultime de l'existence des chemtrails

Franchement, c'est super beau ! Il s'agit d'un avion déversant des produits chimiques dans le ciel afin de contrôler le cerveau des humains. Donc vous et moi, à priori mais pas à toi, qui croit que ce que je raconte est vrai. Il s'agit d'un Boeing 787 qui croise un autre avion à environ 10 […]

A flying man brings the ball of the match

Sunday 28 May 2017 during the football final of the cup of Portugal between Benfica Lisbon and the Vitoria Guimarães, the ball was handed over to the referee by a man flying in hoverboard. Just like the green jester, Spiderman's iconic enemy, on his glider, the man crossed a part of the terrain by flying […]

Two maglev trains intersect (Shanghai)

When two magnetic lift trains intersect. Near Shanghai in China, the passenger of a Transrapid, a maglev train, advancing at the speed of 430 km/h filmed the encounter of another Transrapid train evolving at the same speed. The meeting was brief and lasted less than a second. The Shanghai Transrapid is the first maglev line […]

The world map in MIDI partition

The world music Card in a MIDI score. The Notes form all continents of the world and composed a pleasant music at the time of the reading ... Spoiler: The Russian anthem is triggered when the flag arrives at the largest country in the world.

10000 phones for a click Farm (China)

In China, a man visits a click-through farm consisting of more than 10000 cell phones charged with leaving false opinions and good ratings to mobile applications. What's the point? On the AppStore or Google Play, there are millions of apps and games. Difficult for a developer to get out of the lot. That's why some […]

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