One of those days 2 - Candide thovex

This is the second edition of the serie "One of those days" by Candide thovex. If you missed the first one, here is the link : One of those days by Candide Thovex Candide Thovex is the greatest freerider in the world, if your're not sure about it, just watch this vid ! The shooting […]

Change a light bulb at 1509 feets

Kevin Schmidt is a technician, his specialty is to climb very high to make interventions. In this video (shooted by a drone), Kevin Schmidt climbs on a TV towers at 1509 feets to change a light bulb. This Antenna is near Salem (South Dokota) in the USA. It should be noted that this antenna is […]

Draw a hole on paper

Did you always want to know how to draw a realistic hole on paper ? Yeah, I know, nobody ask this but here is a nice video tutorial explaining how to do it. Pretty simple and the result is bluffing ! The music come from the Youtube Audio Library, it's "Club_Thump".

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