On a clear summer night, the Swedish artist Jonna Jinton called a herd of cows by using the voice technique "Kulning" Scandinavian traditional call used in the historical province of Dalarna in Sweden but also in Norway to group (cows, goats, etc.) in medieval times. Because of its sharp sound really specific, it was used […]

Impressive Crash No Injuries !

Sunday, June 26, 2016 on a road near Lembang in Indonesia, a biker was forced to lying down on the road to avoid a car in front which doubled on the way. The motorcyclist had the good reflex because he slipped on the left side of the road avoiding the car. His bike, a Yamaha […]


John Cena fans were invited to do an audition. What they did not know was that the wrestler was hidden nearby. You probably know the meme "Unexpected John Cena" more known with this sentence "And His Name is John Cena" that comes from a video presentation of the catcher. Fans were invited to promote a […]

Super Baby !

The New Zealander Jordan Watson, who has the YouTube channel "How to Dad" gives us some techniques to delegate the chores of the house to his baby. Thus, the child takes care of some chores such as vacuuming, cleaning windows, but also take out the trash or raking the yard. A truly practical baby! Obviously […]


/!\ ATTENTION THIS IS REALLY CUTE YOU CAN DIE OF CUTENESS OVERLOAD /!\ A kitten is lonely in his paddock pet at the Jolinn Pet House of New Taipei City, Taiwan. He decided to jump on the glass of the enclosure to bypass the partition wall for join his friend, a cute little puppy placed […]

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