Yesterday, during an event of the World Championships in Nordic skiing 2017 in Lahti, in Finland, the Venezuelan skier Adrian Solano, 22, has been noted as being perhaps the worst skier who participated in the cross-country skiing World Championships. Indeed, in qualifying in the 10 km classic, Adrian Solano struggled throughout the race, missing from falling from the outset and demonstrating a technique for the less risky and volatile balance. It took 37 minutes for 3.5 km, or double the time directed by the penultimate to the same score, and despite the help of a member of the British team that has replaced it a broken stick, he finally threw the sponge mid-term. A month earlier, french police refused to Adrian Solano, stopover in Paris, to continue its road towards Lahti to compete in the World Championships. Their reason? There is no such thing as skiing at the Venezuela. The skier said: "when I arrived in Paris, on 19 January, I explained that I was going to Sweden to train. They did not believe I was doing the ski from Venezuela (...) I was only 28 euros and the police have accused me of immigration because it went wrong in my country." He says being interrogated for six hours despite papers and a letter of invitation from his coach and four other skiers of the Venezuelan delegation to the competition. Held for several days in a Paris hotel, he has finally returned and had to ask for help to the Venezuela Consulate in Paris who bought him a ticket back to Caracas. Last Monday, he was finally able to take off from Caracas to attend the World Championships. "Now, I'm at a disadvantage, I lost a month of training on the snow," he laments.