A 73-year-old man called upon a TV show to solve an impossible puzzle. 10 years ago, a man fell on a puzzle with a ring to his doctor. The goal is very simple, pass the ring of the green ball at the red ball. Whenever he goes to his doctor, he tries to solve it, but can't. He did try his friends and nobody does. There is no logo and no marks on the puzzle, so it is impossible to contact the manufacturer to have the solution. Finally he appealed to the Japanese show Knight Scoop specializes in puzzles. A 'detective' moved home to try to solve the puzzle, but it failed also. The two men went to a teacher who did not either. A monkey has even tried it, but he settled for tie knots. Finally, they appealed to a puzzle expert who gave the solution! What a relief for this old man! The Knight Scoop ((探偵!ナイトスクープ Tantei Naito Sukūpu) was broadcast on 13 August 2004)