A passenger train of strength out of an overbooked United Airlines airplane. The scene happened at the Chicago airport on the flight 3411 of United Airlines in the direction of Louisville. The plane was overbooked (overloaded) and the company needed 4 places for its employees. The company has offered money ($ 400 and $ 800) and a night at the hotel for passengers who were willing to take the flight the next day. But nobody not volunteered. Then she realized a draw. A man randomly refused to leave saying he was a doctor and he had to see patients early the next morning. The man was landed without consideration and drag force out of the plane by police. The passenger has succeed to come back on the plane, the face in blood and saying "I want to go home" (I want to go home) and then "Kill me" (Just kill me). The scene was filmed by several passengers, and videos are all social networks around and cause outrage of Internet users.