Saturday 1 October 2016 in the Madison Valley, Montana State, Todd Orr borrowed a path in search of signs of momentum crying regularly to warn bears of his presence, a highly recommended practice in the region, when he spotted a grizzly mom and her two cubs in the meadow. Seeing the hunter, the bear family has run to take flight but suddenly, the mother turned around and asked the hunter. The latter began to scream to scare the bear and used pepper spray, but this has unfortunately not been sufficient to prevent the attack. The 50-year-old then curled up on the ground to try to protect her neck and head while the grizzly mom started biting him repeatedly with extreme violence. "The strength of each bite was like a hammer blow with teeth. She stopped for a few seconds, then handed to bite again. Again and again. After a few minutes, but that seemed like an eternity, she disappeared. " Todd was then raised to head down the path to put distance between him and the bear, but the mother has returned for a second attack. "Again, I protected my head and neck. She again bitten shoulder and arms. A bite on my forearm crossed the bone and I heard a crack. My hand was numb instantly. Another bite to the head caused a gash above my ear. Blood gushed over my face and eyes. I did not move. I thought it was the end. She finally touched an artery in my neck. I knew my movements would cause even more bites so I remained motionless, waiting for the attack ends. She stopped suddenly and stood right over me. I will never forget that brief moment. Dead silence except for the sound of his heavy breathing and sniffing. I could feel his breath on my neck. I could feel its claws. For thirty seconds, she stood there on me. When happen the next assault? I did not move. And then she left. " Todd had a pistol during the output of recognition, but was not able to enter during the attacks. Doctors have spent many hours sewing up his injuries, including a cut of 13 centimeters on the side of his head. "It was not my best, but I'm alive," said Todd.