For 22 months, McGaughey, resident family in the State of Kansas, was a DOE, named Faline, that she found abandoned after the death of his mother. Unfortunately, on December 19, a game warden intervened by claiming to want to kill the animal. In fact, a Kansas law stipulates that he must get a permit to own a domesticated deer and that the State has a duty to seize any animal being held illegally. The McGaughey family asked the warden if it was possible to give Faline in a zoo or animal shelter, but the response was negative. "If I need to go get a warrant to seize the animal, when I get back, I don't have the guarantee that it will still be there. Then, at this moment, in these circumstances, I have the elements it takes to intervene on your property,"he said. A few minutes later, the DOE was shot in front of his adoptive family.