A 4 year old child jumps on the back of an ox lying in a field. The scene happened in Valdosta in the State of Georgia in the United States. A dad promised $ 20 at Asher, his 4 year old son, if he could ride on the back of the ox. The child has accepted the challenge. Once in the field, he approached gently from the beef of 650 kg lying on the grass and jumped on his back. The surprised animal suddenly stood up and began to run with the child. Dad explains that his son was able to hold 3 seconds and that he regrets not filming any longer. He admits that he did not believe that his son would have been able to approach the beef and especially him jump on the back. He said also that the child knows well those oxen and give them food every day. The father kept his promise and the child had the right to a nice green ticket for $ 20