Monday, October 31, 2016 in Liège, Belgium. He has not been out for a year, for fear of the judgment of the other. This man, who had his face burnt in the course of an accident, expects particularly this evening of the year: Halloween. While everyone thinks he wears a mask, he dares to finally be face to face. A film about the fight against burns to change the gaze of others, realized by the agency TBWA Paris for the association Burns and Smiles. The realization of the short film, by Nicolas Galoux, allows to imagine the anguish that the burned ones can feel when they leave their home. The one actor, Boris Ravaine, is not a great burnt. The film team had to work on a make-up that was as realistic as possible. All the reactions of the other characters are authentic. However, they reflect behaviors that have nothing to do with the daily reality of the burned. If Halloween gives way to monsters and horror, it is also the only day when this man is "a normal guy among normal guys".