Dumbass passes under a bridge with its cargo ship

The captain of a cargo ship decides to pass under a bridge too low. April 1, 2017, near the city of Zhuhai, to the West of Hong Kong, China, the captain of a cargo ship made a big mistake of appreciation while trying to pass on the bridge Lin Kai. Result, the top of the […]

The alligators in the sewers are not a myth

Go get the mail in her mailbox, Louis Camacho heard a hissing sound coming from a sewer in front of his house in Apopka, Florida. The man then ducked and discovered the presence of an alligator in the pipeline. The wild animal was faced with Louis and whistled to dissuade him from approaching... or perhaps […]

Tip for putting a band-aid on a finger

'5-Minute Crafts' YouTube channel we offers a tip to correctly place a band-aid on a finger so that it is more comfortable and has a better grip. Simply cut the two ends of the dressing in the sense of the length so that it better the shape of the finger, including when the wound is […]

Recreating history with movies

Vugar Efendi made a montage where he put side by side different extracts of films, inspired by real events, with the real archival footage. Found in the compilation film the kid, stop me if you can (Catch Me If You Can), The Damned United, Jackie, JFK, Selma, Man on the Moon, The Doors, The Fighter, […]

He piloted an aircraft with no experience

In the United States, a man presented in an aerodrome with his small airplane he built himself. He asked to park it, but instead, he offered a little tour! The man had never taken a flying lesson. Fortunately, everything ended well for him, he managed to land in a rather unorthodox way, but without incident. […]

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