Lights out without moving the bed #LifeHacks

When you're too lazy to get up to turn off the light. A man lying on his bed was too lazy to get up to turn off the light. Fortunately, he knows a trick. He uses a red laser pointer to draw his dog to the switch so that he pressed with his paw.

Kitten finds a new toy

A kitten has found a new toy for fun. Under a dog, he discovered a pair of bells and fun to type inside with its legs, and even chew them. The dog seems not bothered that you hit the testicles.

The adventures of a little girl in MIDI partition

The musician husband Lesteberg drew the adventures in music of a little girl through a partition MIDI on a software of MAO (computer music). Each musical note is placed in such a way to form a real comic strip that allows us to follow the journey of a little girl living in the Woods and […]

Uber driver VS cyclist (Paris)

A road rage between a Uber driver and a cyclist in Paris. Joe, a tourist visiting Paris, had ordered a car Uber. During the trip, a cyclist hit the rearview mirror of the car. The angry Uber driver got out of his car and ran after the cyclist to battle it out with him. The […]

Disoriented rally driver in a parking lot

The weekend last in the last special of the Mexico rally, the British driver Kris Meeke was leading the race when he made a runway excursion in a poorly negotiated turn. At the wheel of his Citro├źn C3 WRC, he then found himself in a parking lot and was disoriented for a few moments. After […]

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