Lance Armstrong vs Fake News

The cyclist Lance Armstrong denies the rumors about his death with humour. Thursday, May 10, 2017, the site Foxnews24 announced that the American cyclist had died. In order to put an end to any ambiguity, Lance Armstrong showed up on Instagram portable by hand next to the fake news while making no head. For info, […]

A cat with a serious meow

Jack the cat has a surprising meow, much more serious than the other cats. According to the veterinarian, a paralysis of the laryngeal, muscle of the larynx, would be the cause of these meows as low in frequency.

Lucky shot with a nerve gun

He manages a lucky shot with a nerve gun. His mother was reading a magazine in the couch, trying to shoot him in the mouth with a nerve gun. Perfect shot, because the projectile went to stick in the chewing gum she was chewing.

A little girl waits for the drop of a song

A little girl is waiting for the drop of the song Uptown Funk. Installed in the car seat at the back of the vehicle, Maddie listens to Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk song and looks forward to the drop to beat the music in rhythm with his arms in the air

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