A maintenance officer gives a lesson to high school girls

In a high school, a maintenance officer complained to the Director: a group of girls likes to regularly leave traces of red lipstick on mirrors of the school toilets. The Director decides to take things in hand, but this only worsens the situation. The maintenance officer then finds an idea to give a good lesson […]

An helicopter pilot lands on the road to ask directions

Meanwhile in Kazakhstan, a military helicopter pilot arises to ask directions. To the village of Karabutak to the Kazakhstan, a helicopter pilot is lost in a snow storm. He then landed on the road, got out of his vehicle and ran to the cabin of a truck driver to ask directions. Once he got his […]

Walking on a dock invaded by sea lions

With a camera, the photographer Cowley works on a dock invaded by hundreds of sea lions to Rainier, Oregon. In a chorus of deafening bleating, mammals throw themselves across the Columbia River, each after the other, as the man ahead of them. When Cowley returns, we can see that the sea lions do not lose […]

A miracle !

In Africa, a woman had a big problem: his hands were not the same length. But during a mass celebrated by Shepherd Brady, a native African Prophet of Malawi, his left hand grew to the same size as his right hand, as we assure this video captured at the time of the facts. A true […]

A domestic deer killed by a game warden

For 22 months, McGaughey, resident family in the State of Kansas, was a DOE, named Faline, that she found abandoned after the death of his mother. Unfortunately, on December 19, a game warden intervened by claiming to want to kill the animal. In fact, a Kansas law stipulates that he must get a permit to […]

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