Drum & Bass & Cat

Fred V & Grafix musicians achieved a piece of drum and bass recording the meowing of a cat with a microphone. They then used the samples for the composition of the piece on the Ableton Live software.

Grandma makes the bottle prank !

After seeing the "magic tour" with a bottle of water on Facebook, a joke that is to place a piece under a water bottle by claiming to be able to make it fit in the bottle hidden under a towel, the aim being to throw water at the face of the trapped person, Marietta Spencer […]

A teacher wakes up a student

During class, Mr. Balland, a Professor of geography and history, has a special technique to wake up a schoolgirl who fell asleep on the table. He comes silently with the mouth wide open, then he bites the duvet of the young girl and shot to lift her head. A somewhat surprising awakening!

Juggling with the feet

The German artist Roxana Kuwen, 28 years old, juggle using his hands, but also his feet. She handles several balls simultaneously with his fingers and toes, roll them and makes them roll through an impressive performance. Sacred dexterity!

Basketball : Steph Curry is a magician !

Last night during an NBA game between the Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards at the Oracle Arena Oakland, to the United States, the basketball player Steph Curry, playing point guard in the Warriors team, played the magician with the Defender Marcin Gortat. Realizing several movements of feint, he managed to 'disappear' briefly of […]

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