Sharpen a $ 1 knife

Under the attentive gaze of his cat, a Japanese youtubeur had fun sharpening with Japanese stones a knife bought $ 1. In the video, he used two different sharpening stones, a Shapton with a grain of 1000 and Shapton with a grain of 2000. The higher the grain number, the better the sharpening of the […]

A dog bored in traffic jam

Grayson, a golden retriever is stuck in traffic jams. The dog has nothing to do to take care of in the car. He gets bored and patiently waits for the head on the glass between open. It may take advantage to reflect 🙂

Nice goal by a goal keeper

During the 11th day of the South African Championship, goalkeeper Oscarine Masuluke of Club Baroka FC scored a superb goal by making a bicycle. During the extra time (90 + 5) while his team was led 1-0 by the Orlando Pirates, the goalkeeper tried his luck in the opposing penalty area. On a corner, the […]

A biker tries to be nice

In England, a biker wanted to do a good deed by bringing the wallet back to a motorist, but he quickly changed his mind. A man in a car has forgotten his wallet and his phone on the roof. When he left a service station, he dropped his wallet, which ended up on the road. […]

The Brazilian dab

In Brazil, a child in a swimsuit makes an original dab by sliding on a wet floor in tiling. As a reminder, the dab is a choreographic movement where the person simultaneously places his face in the bend of the elbow, while pointing the sky in the opposite direction with the two parallel arms.

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