Example of a DDoS attack

A fishing party illustrates a DDoS attack. Fishermen stand standing in a river with a net to catch the fish, but they are more than more and eventually make fishing impossible. Reminder: DDoS is a denial of service attack whose principle is to flood servers connections to paralyze them and make it unavailable to a […]

Drums, guitar and vocals at the same time

Dominic Fragman musician has a specialty, the "Solo Trio": he plays the drums, electric guitar and sing at the same time. The performer, with talent, the song "Tom Sawyer", of the Canadian rock band Rush. Just tuned, it's hard to imagine that Dominic Fragman is alone with his instruments. An impressive performance he repeats regularly […]

She's heading by car on birds

In the United States, Briana Whiteford and her mom drove by car when they saw a group of birds in the distance on the road. Thinking that the animals would naturally soar ahead of the vehicle, the driver has not seen fit to slow down. Unfortunately, the birds have not reacted quickly enough and a […]

3D optical illusions

A compilation of 3D optical illusions created by the Japanese Professor Kokichi Sugihara. In a very spectacular way, each sculpture wrong our brain so we can see the impossible. Professor Kokichi Sugihara has won the "The best illusion of the year" contest in 2010 and the 2nd place in 2016.

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