A car hits a cyclist (Russia)

Last Saturday in Seversk, Russia, a motorist hit a cyclist wanting to leave a traffic lane. A strange accident since the car broke the bike man by cutting him off the road while the driver had a perfectly clear view. The cyclist being on the right lane, maybe the driver thought he was going to […]

Sniper shoots at the GoPro of an Iraqi journalist

Last Saturday, journalist Ammar Alwaely worked in Mosul, Iraq, when the bullet of a sniper from Daesh hit his GoPro camera that he wore at the torso level. The camera, offered by one of his colleagues, flew in splinters under the impact. Fortunately, Ammar Alwaely was only slightly wounded.

The cyclist Toms Skujins KO after a fall

Yesterday at the 2nd stage of the Tour of California, the Latvian rider Toms Skujins was the victim of a violent fall in a descent 20 kilometers from the finish. While he was part of the head escape, the young hope of the Cannondale team fell heavily on the road and had a hard time […]

He goes to McDonald's by helicopter !!!

An Aussie goes to McDonald's by helicopter. Sunday, May 14, 2017 at Rouse Hill in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, a pilot traveled to a McDonald's helicopter. He landed on the grass next to the restaurant and went to get a burger. Here's one that took the slogan "Come as you are" at the foot […]

The world map in MIDI partition

The world music Card in a MIDI score. The Notes form all continents of the world and composed a pleasant music at the time of the reading ... Spoiler: The Russian anthem is triggered when the flag arrives at the largest country in the world.

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